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We are an Independent shop selling quality fruit and veg, wholefoods and miscellaneous goods. We also have a busy lunch-time trade in Sandwiches,Soup,Salads,Noodles,Yogurts, all made in-store each day from the finest local,Irish and Organic ingredients. Our Coffee has three ethical certifications- FAIR-TRADE, ORGANIC AND RAINFOREST ALLIANCE AND WE USE ORGANIC MILK all for less than most of our competitors-so if you want to make a difference to farmers in the developing world and help the environment, without it costing you more, we are the place to get a great coffee. We supply sandwich platters for offices and fruit deliveries also, so don’t be shy and check us out-we’re very friendly.

About The Runner Bean

The Runner Bean food shop on Nassau Street Dublin. We sell good quality food and coffee with an emphasis on ethical, local, natural and organic. We use Organic, FT, RF All. certified coffee. we also grow, sell and use our own homegrown natural food in our shop, in our soups, salads and sandwiches. We are very concerned about corporate control of food and the ethical, environmental and health aspects of genetically modified foods.
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