Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Delivery Service full of local organic produce.

It’s no secret that our fresh fruit and veg is of endless benefit to the health and wellbeing of all our local customers. But when you place your order for a fruit and vegetable delivery, there are some other significant and far-reaching benefits you may be unaware of.

Spending money with small businesses locally can have big consequences nationally. Nothing stimulates the economy more than buying local. It empowers the consumer, taking control back from the boardrooms of large corporations and replacing it firmly in the hands of your local community, where it should be. This is done in many ways.


Money Spent Local Stays Local

When you spend money locally, the majority of that money will remain in your local area. It is estimated that, on average, somewhere between 50% - 75% of the money spent in a small shop will then continue to be spent in that same area. In comparison, only 10% - 15% of money spent in large retailers or national chain stores stays in the local area.

This is because small local businesses are far more likely to buy from other small local businesses. They will buy raw materials and hire services from their own friends and neighbours and this keeps a steady flow of money circulating locally. Spending your money locally is crucial to the preservation of this cycle and helps prevent any gaps from forming where big business might barge its way in, disrupt the chain and take business away from the small shops that need it most.

Last year, the amount of money Irish people spent online during the pandemic more than doubled when compared to 2019. It is thought that well over two-thirds of that money went overseas. It is important to remember that when you buy local you are helping to build a strong and stable financial foundation on which communities can flourish and thrive.

Something as simple as getting your fruit and veg from a local supplier, as opposed to a supermarket chain store, can have an extraordinary impact. Recirculating money in your local area leads to a higher standard of living for all in it.


Job Creation

Buying local helps create and sustain jobs within your community for your friends, family and neighbours. When small businesses are being supported, they will be in a better position to hire more employees and keep those employees well paid. This helps keep high employment levels stable and constant.

Several studies show that local employers are more likely to invest in their employees and will retain their employees for longer periods of time than big companies, particularly during economic downturns. Additionally, employees of small businesses report higher levels of job commitment and satisfaction than employees of large retailers.

The more jobs created in an area reduces the number of people who may be forced to leave that area in search of work elsewhere. This keeps the lifeblood of a community pumping healthily and ensures that money is continuously being spent and earned. It also decreases the risk of young people emigrating and building their lives and spending their money overseas.


Increases Competition

It is better for both consumers and the economy when people spend more money at a local shop rather than a big corporate store. Supporting big companies increases their power to monopolize the market and move it towards an oligopolistic structure. A handful of big companies exclusively dominating the market would be highly disadvantageous to consumers as it would result in them having significantly less buying options and power. Consumers would have a smaller choice of goods and services and these may come at a higher price and lower quality.

Buying local takes power away from big companies and gives it to small businesses which increases competition. Competition is largely beneficial to the economy as it creates lower prices, higher quality, a greater range of choices, product diversity and increased innovation and efficiency. All of this leads to economic development and growth. Supporting local business makes it harder for big companies to exclusively control the marketplace and diminishes their ability to exploit consumers and put local economies at risk.

It is impossible for small, local businesses to seize complete control of the market due to their size and independent nature, but it is all too easy for big companies. When you place your order for a fresh fruit and veg delivery, you are both helping to support your local economy and increasing your own power as a consumer.


Buying Local Lowers Taxes

When you spend locally, the majority of that money stays local and remains within the economy. This means that the government can continue to tax that money every time it is used in a local transaction. The increased economic activity produced by buying local leads to higher tax revenue for the government which means tax levels can then be lowered.

Conversely, when you spend money in a large retailer or chain store, the majority of that money goes overseas and leaves the economy. The government is unable to tax this money and the country’s tax revenue decreases. The local GDP is lowered significantly which in turn lowers the national tax base. This may cause the government to increase tax levels which has an obvious adverse effect on citizens.

Supporting small business leads to a stronger tax base for the country as a whole. A higher tax revenue means the government has more money to spend on public services and infrastructure. This leads to a better quality of life for all citizens. When you spend your money locally, you are helping contribute to better schools, transportation and health services.


Now you can see how buying local Irish goods and services, such as our own fruit and veg delivery service, can have several hugely positive impacts on the economy. It is an investment in both your future and the future of the entire nation. In contrast, buying in large chain stores debilitates you as a consumer and makes you and your country poorer and less self-sufficient. When you purchase your produce from local sources, you are enriching the economy and the lives of us all.


Article written by Nicholas Collender.

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