There are many reasons why employers should encourage healthy eating at work. The health of workers directly impacts the happiness of workers. And the health and happiness of workers directly impacts the quality of their work and levels of productivity. Helping to improve the performance of workers individually will then, in turn, help improve the performance of the business overall. Therefore, ordering a fruit and vegetable delivery box right to your office or workplace can produce a myriad of benefits for all concerned.


Boost Energy Levels

As the day slowly wears on and the workload steadily increases, it is not unexpected for workers to become tired and drained. Energy levels are depleted and commitment and resolve begin to diminish. In an effort to power through the day, workers may turn to sugary snacks and cups of coffee for a quick boost. Before long, however, this will only cause them to crash and burn harder and leave them feeling more fatigued than before.

Fresh fruit and vegetables are a fantastic way of breaking this sluggish stupor and dispelling any air of lethargy before it settles over the workplace. Fruit and veg are natural energy boosters that provide plenty of nutrients to replenish your strength and stamina. Carbohydrates are one such nutrient and act as the main source of energy for the human body.

High levels of carbohydrates are found in practically every vegetable, as well as most fruits, including apples, bananas and grapes. Unlike sweet or sugary snacks, the energy given from fruit and veg is slowly released and long-lasting. This helps to sustain and stabilise blood sugar levels and prevent them from plummeting suddenly. Additionally, fruit contains natural sugar that is healthy and nutritious, without any of the negative impacts on the body caused by processed or refined sugar.

The next time you feel energy levels in the office begin to slump or fear that employees are at risk of succumbing to apathy, a delivery of fresh fruit and vegetables may be the most effective remedy. After all, an apple will provide your body with far more energy than a cup of coffee.


Increase Productivity

Fruit and vegetables energise both the body and the mind. They enhance mental performance and keep the brain alert, active and sharp. People who eat well are more likely to exercise regularly, which will do wonders for their long-term mental health and brain function. A healthy and consistent exercise schedule will help keep workers motivated and focused. Eating well also greatly improves a person’s memory and critical thinking skills. A stronger mind and body means a stronger job performance.

What a person eats is highly influential on their quality of sleep. People who eat healthily are more likely to get a full night of uninterrupted, restful sleep. A good night’s sleep is imperative to an employee’s work as it can exponentially increase their productivity and improve their concentration. It goes without saying that a more productive workforce will cause an increase in revenue and contribute greatly to the overall success of the business. There are several studies which state that eating well can increase a person’s productivity by over 20%.


Strengthen the Immune System

A fresh fruit and vegetable delivery may prove pivotal to the health of a workforce and, consequently, the consistency and quality of their work output. Fruit and vegetables are positively packed with minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, all of which help to strengthen a person’s immune system. A regular intake of these is essential in ensuring that workers remain at peak condition.

For example, vitamin C is particularly effective in protecting the immune system and fending off colds and flus. It is a powerful antioxidant that heavily promotes the production of white blood cells, which are crucial in fighting infection and disease. However, the human body is not able to produce its own vitamin C, which makes the consumption of food that is high in vitamin C a health necessity. A good source of vitamin C is most citrus fruits, such as oranges and grapefruits.

An improved and resilient immune system means a stronger, healthier body that is better equipped to protect itself. It prevents workers from falling sick and reduces the risk of illness spreading rapidly throughout the workplace. A healthier workforce results in a decrease in absenteeism and the number of sick days taken. This is highly advantageous to any establishment as a high level of absenteeism can have an extremely adverse effect on job performance and workplace efficiency. It will negatively impact the productivity of the company or business and this will then cause profits to fall and revenue to suffer.


Promote Workplace Wellness

It is important that you keep the morale of your workers high and raise their spirits regularly. Ordering a fresh fruit and vegetable delivery is a way of clearly demonstrating to your employees that you care about their health and wellbeing. If workers feel cared for and looked after by their management, they are more likely to enjoy their job. And if they enjoy their job, they are more likely to do their job well.

Just the sight of a bunch of fresh, vibrant fruit and veg can brighten up an office and add some colour to the surroundings. But ordering a fruit and veg delivery is just the start of uplifting and invigorating your workforce. It is integral to the overall performance of your business that you promote wellness in the workplace and create a positive working environment. Work-related stress, anxiety and depression are extremely debilitating to any worker and there is no reason for them to be a part of any healthy, functional, well-managed operation.

There are many ways in which you can improve the wellbeing of your workforce and promote workplace wellness. Some of these include providing mental health support, organising physical activities and fun games, providing workshops where workers can upskill and cultivating an honest, open and friendly culture where workers can form strong connections and feel confident and comfortable in themselves.

All of this can serve to reduce stress levels, feelings of pressure and any animosity or tension brewing between employees and employers. Helping staff to focus on their health and wellbeing will create a setting in which they can thrive and flourish.


For all these reasons and more, a nutritious and delicious fruit and vegetable delivery box in the office will help keep care of your workers so that they can then take care of business.


Article written by Nicholas Collender.

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