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Dublin Postal Districts

Currently we DELIVER to DUBLIN 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6W, 7, 8, 9, 11, 13 and 17. Ashbourne, Swords, Malahide and Howth are also on our route and we may be able to add you to our delivery schedule.

Currently WE DO NOT deliver to the grey areas.  Click Here to See if we can add your address to our Delivery Service....

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Anchovies salted in olive oil


Anchovies Marinated

Anchovies Marinated


Balsamic Vinegar 12yr

Vinegar Balsamic 12yr 1.32 density 250ml pourer inc


Basmati rice white

500 Grams of Basmati white rice 


Capers in Brine

Capers in Brine 60g


Chorizo ex ring Spicy 250g

Chorizo ex ring Spicy 250g


Chorizo fresh Iberico

Chorizo fresh Iberico [cooking] Nice!


Coconut Milk

Thai Coconut Milk (400ML CAN) By Chokoh


Coconut Milk Organic

Thai Gold Organic coconut milk 


Coffee 'Imbibe' Beans

Ethically sourced & roasted in Dublin IRISH


Coffee 'Imbibe' Ground

ground for Cafetiere IRISH


Coffee Imbibe Espresso

IMBIBE coffee Espresso Ground  Irish 


Eggs: Free Range -Runner Bean Farm

6 of Our happy Hens' eggs no GM  Homegrown Irish  2 max


Garlic cloves with Chilli

Garlic cloves with Chilli 60g


Guindilla Peppers

Guindilla Peppers 120g spicy great with cold meats



Jalapenos in vinegar 120g


Nairns Oat Cakes BERRIES

Nairns Berries Oat Cakes 250g


Nairns Oat Cakes Dark Chocolate

Oat Cakes Dark Chocolate Nairns 200g


Nairns Oat Cakes Organic

Thrive naturally on organic Oats


Noodles-nest wheat- no egg

Nest of wheat Noodles no egg. 250g's 


Oat Milk: Flahavans Organic

A good Irish alternative- to Oatly IRISH


Oats: Flahavans Organic 1kg

The true Definition of a home staple. Irish 


Oil Rapeseed Irish 250ml

Lakeshore Rapeseed Oil  Irish


Olive Oil

Ex Virgin Olive Oil 500ml Koroneki Greece


Olive Oil

Ex Virgin Olive Oil 1lt Koroneki


Olives Leccino

Olives Leccino 230g large glass jar


Passata Tomato Artisinal

Passata Tomato Artisinal 500g


Passata Tomato Artisinal (La Rustica)

Passata Tomato Artisinal 250g


Pasta Spaghetti - 1KG

Twice the amount of normal Packets


Salami Cacciatore DOP

Whole Salami 170G 


Sardines by Shine in Olive Oil

Delicious Wild SARDINES in olive oil 118g


Shines Sardines in Tomato sauce

Shines Sardines in Tomato sauce Irish


Shines Seafood Gift Pack

6 Tins of healthy Seafood Irish


Shines Tuna , in Olive Oil

Shines Wild Irish Albacore Tuna in Olive Oil IRISH


Shines Tuna , in Water

Irish Caught Tuna, in spring water Irish


ShinesTuna in chilli oil

Made with better tuna. Irish


Silverskin Onions Vinegar

Silverskin Onions Vinegar 60g


Tea Chamomile Organic

Tea Chamomile Organic 20bags


Tea Clipper Lemon and Ginger org

Clipper Lemon and Ginger org 20 bags


Tea Clipper peppermint org

Clipper peppermint tea org 20 bags


Tea Green organic

Tea Green organic Clipper 20 bags


Tomatoes - Tinned

Tinned tomatoes


Tomatoes peeled Organic

Tomatoes peeled Organic


Tuna by Shines:Yellow fin

Yellow fin Tuna Tin in sunflower oil


Water Sparkling by Fior Uisce

Sparkling Water bottled @ source 12X750ml Irish


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